3 Reasons Why Kettlebells Rule For Fat Loss

//3 Reasons Why Kettlebells Rule For Fat Loss

Kettlebell Workout

With so much information on the web these days it’s hard to find out which routine to use for fat loss. I mean should you be doing marathon training, bikram yoga or zumba? Well I have an alternative that puts them all to shame!

Kettlebell training for fat loss is, in my book perhaps the fastest and most enjoyable way to lose fat fast and get strong toned muscles in the process.

So, why are kettlebells so special? Why are we hearing so much about them nowadays? Well here are the top 3 reasons why kettlebells are better than traditional cardio for fat loss.

Reason #1 – Instead of doing one repetitive motion over and over again which can cause overuse injuries and drain your energy. Kettlebell training is often done in a circuit where you would do at least tow or three exercises back to back. This prevents the body from getting locked into one groove and makes your metabolic system work harder!

So to start off, using kettlebells for fat loss is usually much safer then chosing the traditional cardio route. One disclaimer though, you need to learn to use them properly.

Reason #2 – With traditional cardio exercises you tend to only use one set of muscles. With running you mostly use your lower body, with cycling you pretty much only use your lower body and with most other traditional cardio machines you us mostly just your lower body.

When you use a kettlebell fat loss circuit you will end up using every single muscle you have in your entire body! Not one will be neglected!! So in less time then it takes to get a cardio workout you will have sore triceps, sore inner thighs and sore buns all while getting a belly fat burning cardio workout. Forget weights and cardio separate; try a kettlebell fat loss circuit.

Reason #3 – Traditional cardio takes 30-60 minutes to get you fat burning results, and the worst part is that within one hour the fat burn stops and your metabolism returns to normal. There is a better way…

High intensity kettlebell circuits are not only safer and work out your whole body, fat loss experts are now saying that high intensity intervals like the ones we use with our kettlebell fat loss circuits can increase your metabolism for 36 or more hours!! Can you say EXTENDED FAT BURN?

I don’t know about you but I’ll take more fat burn in less time any day!!

Well there you have it, 3 compelling reasons why you should choose kettlebell fat burning circuits over traditional cardio. They are safer, work out your whole body and get you more fat burning results in less time!

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