5 Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals with Jiu-Jitsu

//5 Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals with Jiu-Jitsu
5 Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals with Jiu-Jitsu
Characterized by devastating throws, joint locks, sweeps, limb manipulations, chokes and controlling positions, jujitsu is very rightly among the fiercest of martial arts. Due to the intensity of the maneuvers evolved, this art is mostly adopted by people to enhance body strength and self-defense capabilities.

However, what is often overlooked is that underneath its impressive feats is a skillful and clever utilization of techniques which hold tremendous applicability in everyday life. These techniques are based on the concept of leverage and enable a seemingly weaker person to defeat a stronger opponent and, therefore, capitalize on courage and resilience on top of everything else.

It is for this reason that jujitsu can be ideal in allowing you to achieve your fitness goals by providing you greater will power and thoroughly enhancing your physical capabilities. Here we have outlined 5 ways in which jujitsu can help you realize your fitness goals:

Facilitates weight loss

Jujitsu practice leads to a considerable amount of weight loss particularly in the initial stages. The reason for this is that this martial art comprises rigorous techniques that blend functional movements with cardiovascular conditioning strength training, mobility, agility, gross motor control, flexibility and spatial awareness.

These techniques lead to a visible reduction in body fat and also instigate the buildup of muscle mass making you look and feel healthier.

The key thing to remember here is that jujitsu is not inherently a weight loss tool and only brings about weight loss as a bi-product of facilitating a healthy BMI. It is for this reason that jujitsu allows you to shed unwanted weight and then replace it with lean muscle depending upon your preference.

Moreover, the most dedicated of jujitsu athletes tend to opt the Gracie Diet whereby they use the right combination of healthy foods in order to achieve optimum digestion. The Gracie Diet goes a long way in facilitating weight loss, however, it can be difficult to maintain amidst a hectic lifestyle.

Therefore, we recommend that you capitalize on a combination of healthy foods and reliable dietary supplements to ensure that your body receives the nutrition it needs in order to function at its optimal.

 Enhances strength

Jujitsu is tougher than most martial arts owing to the intense nature of grappling. The fierceness of the sport can be gauged from the fact that each session encompasses intense stretching, cardiovascular training, resistance workouts as well as breathing techniques.

These movements cause you to gain muscle mass and inevitably lead to enhanced strength and endurance. This, in turn, raises your energy levels and also enables you to undertake increasingly challenging tasks. In addition to this, toned and developed muscles also provide better support to your bones and, therefore, secure you against premature weakening of bones.

Improves bodily functions

Physical fitness is about much more than simply trimming down fat or bulking up; rather it is about improving your bodily functions in order to pave the way for a healthier life. And this is why jujitsu can be classified as one of the most holistic body workouts which not only builds muscle  body but also offers lasting benefits to internal bodily functions. Here are some of the major merits of practicing this martial art:


As you practice jujitsu, your body begins to build lean muscles which eventually morph into developed muscles. These developed muscles provide ample benefits to the body as they are much more active metabolically and burn fat in an efficient manner.

Moreover, the optimum functioning of these muscles leads to an improvement in your body’s overall metabolism and also helps prevent obesity by training your body to process food more quickly and efficiently.

Low blood pressure

Facing an opponent on the mat requires athletes to muster all their muscle capability and strength. It is for this reason that jujitsu athletes experience a rush of adrenaline during and after matches.

This spike in adrenaline levels causes a rise in blood pressure  can therefore be used to maintain a healthy blood pressure and even treat hypotension. In order to achieve permanent results, however, it is essential that the art be practiced on a regular basis.

Cardiovascular system

The positive effects of jujitsu on muscle capability and blood flow work to strengthen your entire cardiovascular system. Besides enhancing the strength of heart muscles alongside every other muscle in the body, it also promotes heart health by ensuring that it receives a healthy amount of oxygenated blood.

Morevoer, it inhibits the formation of clots in blood vessels as well, thus, reducing the chances of strokes and heart attacks.

Memory and concentration

One of the hidden benefits of jujitsu is the immense mental vigor that comes along with it. The reason for this is that jujitsu requires your brain to memorize an array of techniques, keenly observe your opponent’s moves and instantly devise and execute a response strategy.

This constant brushing up of key functions like memory and concentration increases their strength and allows you to grow sharper and more focused with time. As a result, you see a drastic improvement in your memory, focus and observational and problem solving skills both on and off the mat.

In addition, these mental exercises also help in keeping degenerative cognitive ailments like dementia at bay by maintaining the vigor of your brain’s memory function.

Blood sugar

Jujitsu requires a great deal of physical effort and energy and therefore prompts your body to use blood sugar in order to provide this energy. During this process, your blood sugar level drops and your body begins to develop the habit of efficiently burning blood sugar and converting it into energy. Consequently, you achieve optimum blood sugar levels that can even be used to treat diabetes as well as high blood sugar.

Increases flexibility

Jujitsu techniques require athletes to be nimble and can even seem quite difficult to master at first. However, regular practice increases their overall flexibility eventually making these techniques much easier to execute. This enhanced flexibility not only improves their performance on the mat but also increases their well-being by protecting them against injuries and sprains.

Improves mobility

Jujitsu is all about making split-second decisions in an attempt to overpower your opponent and then instantly coordinating bodily movements in line with your intended response. These critical match decisions allow your brain to become proficient in coordinating bodily movements and also enhance your critical thinking.

These benefits of jujitsu make it ideal for attaining and maintaining your fitness targets while learning lifesaving and confidence boosting self-defense techniques.

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