How To Burn Fat Without Counting Calories

//How To Burn Fat Without Counting Calories

If you’ve ever gone to the bookstore and browsed through the isles on nutrition you probably noticed that 95% of the books pretty much told you to eat better food and make sure you are eating less calories then you need in order to burn fat, Right?

These books probably also told you that in order to increase your fat burn you needed to do 30-60 minutes of medium intensity cardio, Right?


Let’s start with why the old system (starvation and cardio) doesn’t work and if it does, it doesn’t last.

There are a few huge reasons why trying to eat less and move more simply doesn’t add up. Let’s jump right in.

First, I want you to think about a lion, let’s call this lion Sam. Now, Sam just ate a huge slab of meat and is feeling rather good, he has no urge to eat anything else so he would let you come up and pet him without any problems. When living creatures like Sam and us are well fed on the proper diet, we have no desire to hunt, fight or really seek out more food (there are exceptions with the addictive quality of processed food).


Now, imagine if Sam went 3 days without food , he would start to be agitated, he would be ravenous, right? So let’s say we then fed Sam a diet that was a little less then enough to keep him satisfied. On day one Sam felt Ok, by day five he was conserving energy (the body’s natural reaction to starvation) by day 30 he was lighter in weight but his body was telling him to eat, his body is saying to him, “the next opportunity you get to chow down a big hunk of steak, you take it!” Would you go in the cage now? Would you hang out with our hungry lion friend?


The answer is an obvious NO.

So here is what I wanted you to understand by the story of Sam, you cannot indefinitely starve yourself. Read that again…


If you attempt to lose weight by starving yourself, eventually the hormones in your body that are saying eat, Eat, EAT!! Will Win. This is exactly why we see so many people; maybe you have fallen into the trap? Who are on the fat loss, fat gain roller coaster. In fact many health experts are arguing that the reason why Americans are so fat is because most people who go on a reduced calorie diet fail!! I have even herd statistics as high as 95.4% of people failing long term on a reduced calorie diet.

When you eat less and or move more your body goes into starvation mode and you have the potential to lose weight. However, this weight loss almost never lasts (only 1 in 20 have lasting results) due to the hormonal effects starvation mode has on the brain. Eventually you will eat, and when you do, you will go for the most calorie dense quickest digesting foods which are high sugar, processed foods that we have available to us on every street corner.

But wait, here’s a few more things you need to know about eating less and moving more.

Just because you are losing weight doesn’t mean it’s all the good kind of weight. Let me ask you a question. If I could snap my fingers and instantly take 10lbs off your body right now, but 8 of those lbs were muscle. Would you still want me to snap my fingers?

I hope not, you see when you lose weight to fast (more then 2lbs per week depending on your size) you are actually loosing muscle as well. And, muscle helps control the metabolism. So in this case by following the eat less move more philosophy you may lose weight but again if it was 2lbs of fat and 8lbs of muscle, you are not going to look, feel or move any better, right?

Lastly, I have herd that on a calorie reduced diet your metabolism can slow by as much as 40%. So the famous question I ask all new clients when they come to see me is, Do you want your metabolism to go down 40% if you want to tone up and lose fat? Well, do you?

Obviously not, right?

So there you have it, a few reasons why the, eat less, move more philosophy doesn’t work.

Our approach to fat loss comes from attempting to optimize your fat loss hormones. For this reason the #1 rule we give our clients is to Just Eat Real Food, or as well known Underground Podcaster Sean Croxton calls JERF.

In order to follow this rule all you need to do is this… Before you put any bite of food into your mouth you should ask yourself this question, “is this a real food?”

Here are 3 guidelines to use when asking yourself this question.

1)   It comes from the earth, and it consumes a natural source (don’t fall prey to the propaganda about red meat being bad for you, if the cow eats garbage and you eat the cow, your eating garbage. But if the cow eats healthy grass grown on healthy soil then you will receive those beneficial nutrients as well)

2)   Our Ancestors ate it for food, or even better they considered it as a sacred food (sacred ancestral foods typically have more nutrients then other foods)

3)   It is free from processing (no super heating, mixing with chemicals, preservatives, etc.) Be honest and think if it is really unprocessed.

Once you master this super basic step of eating real food then you should move on to the next step. Using the proper macronutrient ratios to optimize fat loss. Let’s talk a little about the macronutrients and how we can use these ratios to optimize our fat loss without counting calories.

First up is carb’s… Carb’s are high intensity fuel and fuel for the brain. When you are working out hard you are using carbs for energy and if you eat more carbs then you use while exercising they get stored on your body as fat. You see carbohydrates affect the hormone insulin, which is responsible for regulating where your food energy is sent. The higher the spike of insulin the faster your body is turning those sweet carbs into bodyfat. So first macronutrient rule is… reduce your carb intake.

Now, I’m not talking about following the Atkins diet, but rather telling you that you need to earn your carbs. Eat as many carbs as you effectively burn and no more. For most people this will be between 50 and 150g per day depending on their current metabolism, genetics and activity level.

The next thing you need to know about carbs is that you want to make sure you are eating from the low end of the glycemic index or GI. If you never herd of the GI before, it is a way of measuring how quickly the carbohydrates you eat will be converted into bodyfat. The higher the GI the faster those foods get stored as fat. So, at the high end of the GI we have sugar, processed foods, rice, potatoes, pasta and virtually all wheat products. Most people don’t understand that wheat (even the whole wheat variety) is higher on the GI then pure sugar.

What I’m saying is if you wake up and have a slice of whole-wheat toast for breakfast you might as well be downing pure sugar as far as your insulin levels are concerned. The best idea is to eat the foods from the low end of the GI. Things like, veggies, legumes, nuts and seeds. These are metabolized slower, have more micronutrients and fill you up faster. What about fruit?

Well, fruit is a tricky subject. You see fruit isn’t by any means unhealthy, but we definitely weren’t meant to consume a whole lot of it. My recommendation is to eat 2 servings or less a day of the lower GI fruits, things like berries and pears.

The next macronutrient you need to optimize is protein. By consuming enough protein throughout the day you will recover from your workouts faster, reduce and eliminate sugary or carb cravings and actually reduce your overall intake of calories. Here is an example of what I’m talking about. You have no doubt had a day where you ate a chicken breast and thought to yourself, “I can’t eat any more of this chicken.” Right? But then you could chow down on carbs and desert right afterwards, right? Well, this is a great example of how protein consumption helps you to reduce your calorie intake provided you avoid the high GI carbs we talked about above.

So, the real magic of this nutrition program is you don’t have to use willpower to eat less. The food will be doing it for you.

Lastly, you shouldn’t worry about eating fat. What I like to tell people is, fat makes your hormones, it is crucial for life. It is neither good nor bad it is just a fuel source. You may be burning fat right now as you are reading this post. Here’s the key… Just get it from the high quality sources. Things like olive oil, coconut oil, high quality grass fed butter, avocados and olives etc. Just let fat take care of it’s self and don’t eat the vegetable oils, the trans fats and the animal fats from animals who ate garbage.

Now there is one more thing that we use to make sure that our clients are able to follow this program 100% as a lifestyle rather then a diet…

I want to take a quick moment to share with you the final piece of the puzzle that we use with our private clients that ensures they are able to follow our nutrition program as a lifestyle and continue to get amazing fat loss results. here’s our secret…

Everyone fails on a diet right? I have, you probably have too. So here’s where the magic happens… Instead of restricting you to a list of OK foods 24/7 what if I told you you could still have your cake and eat it to? Would you be interested in what I had to say then? Well here it is…

Since we know that everyone will eventually fail on their diet we have done 2 things. The first is to remove the word diet and instead replace it with the phrase Nutrition Success Plan. This way we set you up for success by even including it in the title and separate ourselves from crash diets that only work for a few weeks. The second thing we do with our Nutrition Success Plan is build failure into the requirements. What do I mean?

Once a week whether you like it or not, we want you to eat whatever you want. You can have all the foods you were craving throughout the week during this once weekly feast. Now I know what you are thinking. There’s no way I could burn fat while eating cupcakes and brownies, right? Well I am here to tell you wrong!! It works for every, read that again EVERY one of our clients that follows the program as it was written, cheat day and all. Why does this still work?

There’s an awesome reason that cheat day’s work so well. For one they help people stay on the regular eating during their week and two, our metabolism is actually regulated by the amount of food we intake. This is exactly why people on a starvation diet lose as much as 40% of their metabolism. This nutrition program uses a little known technique that elite bodybuilders and figure competitors have used to build and maintain their extremely low body fat levels called calorie cycling.

By cycling your calorie intake down during the week you will take advantage of your body using it’s stored body fat for fuel. However to avoid a dump in your metabolic rate you need to prove to your body that you are not starving. The best way to do this is to eat. Boom, cheat day solved issue #1 of having your metabolism dump like with other popular fat loss programs. The second thing a cheat day can benefit you it to replenish your carbohydrate stores in your muscles. If you are following a metabolic based workout routine, you are no doubt using carbs as fuel. When you don’t consume to many carbs, you eventually need to eat some carbs in order to replenish your muscles and increase your performance.  Now with a cheat day you will be able to perform better during your workouts on the upcoming week due to them filling up with much needed carbohydrates. Problem two solved.

Adding in a cheat day is highly beneficial for people who need to burn fat, build a lifestyle around eating better and don’t want to spend their whole lives being brought down by super strict diet programs. Cheat once a week and be grateful!!

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