How to Stay Motivated to Work Out

//How to Stay Motivated to Work Out

How to Stay Motivated to Work Out

How to Stay Motivated to Work Out

Spending your day at work or carrying out the tasks you have to do each day can often leave us feeling tired and dejected, struggling to come up with the enthusiasm and energy needed to workout on an evening.

It’s at times like these where you need to find those little motivating factors that are going to help pull you through your workouts and get to the level of fitness you want to achieve.

Get in to a routine

If you work out once and then leave it a few days before doing it again, it can be more difficult to build up the enthusiasm needed to actually workout. Getting yourself into a regular workout pattern helps you not only get used to getting through the workout, but allows you to stay motivated and in a mindset where you want to work out.

Set yourself goals

Setting yourself a goal when working out is a great way to push yourself to workout each day. The goal for you to work towards depends entirely on you and what you are looking to achieve. It could be a certain amount of weight you want to lose, a time you want to complete an exercise in or a number of reps for particular exercise you want to achieve. No matter what your goal may be, setting yourself targets is probably the best way to keep yourself keen and motivated.

Don’t push yourself too hard

When we workout we always feel like we want to push ourselves as far as we can, burning off as many calories as possible and building up a real sweat. While this is generally a positive way to look at your workout, you need to also think about all future workouts. It’s no good pushing yourself as hard as you can and then feeling too sore and stiff to be able to work out the next day. Although you want to push yourself when working out, you need to make sure that it won’t affect your ability to work out over the next few days. Carrying out two exercises at 75% will provide you with a better workout than one session at 100%.

Eat a light carb filled meal prior to working out

Working a long day can use up a lot of our energy before we even begin to think about working out. To try and get some of this energy back in order to get through a workout, you could try having a light meal around an hour to an hour and a half before your scheduled workout. When making up your meal, you need to make sure that it not only contains protein, but has a good amount of carbohydrates as this is what will give you your energy. In terms of ratios, you want it to be around 70%-30% in favour of carbohydrates. Ideas for potential meals could include chicken or salmon along with pasta or brown rice. This will help give you that much needed energy kick to make it through an evening workout.

Work out on a morning

The easiest way to solve the problem of not having the energy or motivation to workout on an evening is to simply work out on a morning. As you will have a full supply of energy, you will be able to work out for longer, push yourself harder and have an overall better workout. However, if you do decide to work out on a morning you need to make sure that it won’t affect your energy levels before going to work. While it may help improve your fitness levels, you don’t want it to reduce the quality of your work.

Use personalised fitness clothing

Having your own personalised fitness equipment such as printed t-shirts and other garments is a great way to give you that much needed motivation to hit the gym .If you have spent some of your hard earned money getting your fitness equipment, you don’t want them to just sit in your closet never getting used. Also, if you are working out for a greater cause such as a marathon, fun run or charity event, you could have a printed t-shirt created as part of your promotion. That way, every time you go to work out, you will see what you are working towards and it will give you that motivation to train.

Trying each of these motivation techniques will help you get through a long day at work, keeping your motivation levels high and allowing you to then get through a hard workout on an evening. While one of them may not work for you, eventually you will find one technique that keeps you motivated.

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