MCT Oil – How To Benefit From This Amazing Oil

//MCT Oil – How To Benefit From This Amazing Oil

MCT Oil – How To Benefit From This Amazing Oil

MCT oil is short for Medium Chain Triglycerides oil, which is a kind of easy digested fat found in products like coconut oil, palm oil and some dairy products naturally.  When it comes to making MCT oil, it must be extracted and then it can be used in a pure form and used several ways, including nutritional supplements or as a cooking or salad oil.

What is MCT oil used for?

It is actually a very healthy type of fat as it goes around the normal process of the way fat is digested and gets absorbed directly by your liver, where it is metabolized and acts like carbohydrates instead of the way fats usually act in the body. Due to this, it turns into energy that can be instantly used by your body. Plus, it doesn’t get stored up in the body as fat either, so it won’t make you gain weight.

How does MCT Oil help your body?

MCT oil is credited with many healthy benefits. For instance, it can actually help people to lose weight because it gives you an instant supply of energy. It also boots the metabolism because it boosts the levels of the thyroid hormone and helps to keep you from getting hungry, which again helps you to fight weight gain.

It also heightens the body’s ability to make ketones, which helps to stop seizures. For this reason it helps people who have epilepsy.  It can also help those who have diabetes because this oil helps to maintain your blood sugar levels, due to the fact it is low in cholesterol.

Another benefit of this oil is that helps bodybuilder and people who exercise a lot to get extra energy so they can go longer and have more strength. It has been known to give them up to six hours of extra energy. They usually take it as a supplement or mix it into protein drinks.

It has thermogenic properties and helps the bodybuilders gain more muscle mass. One thing that should be noted is that this is not meant to be the only source of your nutrition and you need to eat it along with a healthy diet and be sure to drink plenty of water along with it.

It also helps treat digestive issues. That is partly because it helps to fight against the toxins or germs that may get into your colon as in diseases like irritable bowel syndrome or colon diseases by killing off the organisms.

Other problems MCT oil aids are cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer’s, fat malabsorption issues, fungal diseases and it is added as coconut oil to be used as part of intravenous feeding to help patients get stronger.

Side Effects

There aren’t any bad side effects found so far in MCT oil. This means it is safe to use in regular doses, but if you take too much it could cause problems with a heightened cholesterol count. However, if you are allergic to certain kinds of fats, or have hepatitis, liver problems such as cirrhosis, or high blood pressure, or you have a portavaval shunt, then you should not take this oil.

Studies Done With MCT Oil

Several scientific studies have been used to test the benefits of MCT oil. One such set of trials looked at the way overweight women on low calorie diets did if they consumed MCT oil instead of the normal kinds of dietary fats and oils. It turned out that the women lost more body fat and less muscle mass. So, it showed that the thing to remember in using MCT oil is that it should be substituted for the other kinds of fats in your diet.

For example, you can make salad dressings with MCT oil instead of other kinds of oils or fats. Or, you can add it to drinks like shakes or smoothies and not use as much sweeteners. However it is used, MCT oil should be gradually added to your diet, because if you do it too quickly it could cause loose stools or cramps.

Storing and Cooking with MCT oil

MCT Oil is stable and can be stored with a long shelf life either as cooking oil or as supplement capsules. It can be used as cooking oil with a smoke point of 350 degrees. This means it can’t be used to deep fry something, but you can use it for other kinds of frying needs. Or, you can use it as a substitute for butter in things like popcorn coating or in recipes for baked goods that call for melted oils. It doesn’t usually work well for substituting for hard fats like lard or shortening, however.

It is also an ingredient in baby milk formulas because it helps to develop a baby’s brain. This makes it very important, especially if the child was premature.

All in all, MCT oil is a very valuable and healthy oil that has many nutritional benefits and can be used as a supplement for use in weight loss or body building, or as a cooking oil for certain types of frying or as a salad dressing or additive to protein drinks for weight lifters.

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